Programming Schedules

Here is our schedule of programming for the week. We play music between each of these items. We are sometimes “off the air” between 12:00AM and 7:00AM due to maintenance of our music and talk show libraries.

If you have a great idea for a show on this station, let us know! We’re also happy to add LIVE CLUB DJ shows if you’re ready to show us your mad DJ skills!

Press here to Listen with a compatible streaming player. Or, visit our relay here: Relay

9:00PM – The Spotlight with Ben Beck – Rebroadcast

10:00AM – Sunday – The Weekly Top 10

5:30PM – Monday – The Drive-By – 5 minutes of Tech and Nonsense

Tuesday – TwoFer Tuesdays – Two songs of each artist with at least two songs in collection.

4:00PM-6:00PM – Wednesday – Rush Hour (Music from the band Rush only)

6:00PM – Wednesday – ORK_U – Their reviews will kill you! – Rebroadcast

6:00PM Thursday – On Your Six at 6 – Gaming Discussion

4:00PM-6:00PM Friday – Just Say Yes (Music from the band Yes only)

9:00AM Saturday – Science Talk – with content from TED Talks.

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